Founded in 2005, Recowatt Co. Ltd. is a company pioneering in reliable and cost effective solar energy solutions. Operations are led by a team of experienced technicians and engineers who possess a vast experience in the field thus enabling the company to broaden the range of activities carried out worldwide.  

Recowatt strives to assist enterprises to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by switching to reliable and affordable eco-friendly technologies for the benefit of present and future generations. Throughout its projects’ execution Recowatt has established strong links and affiliations with some of the world’s leading manufacturers who assisted the company to enhance and pursue its vision.
With the rising cost of energy and society’s climate change awareness Recowatt experienced a rapid rise in its demand and expanded it’s services in several countries including Pakistan, Latvia, Italy, Libya and Syria.

specialises in natural illumination, natural ventilation, solar thermal plants producing potable sanitary hot water, energy efficiency, water recycling and treatment plants, Building Automation Solutions including Audio, Video & Web integration, power through photovoltaic plants and vertical wind turbines. We are committed to providing complete solutions to our customers with the design and implementation of quality systems and reliable after sales support.     

Recowatt…. Created to drive the renewable energy market into the next level of innovation, customisation and affordability.
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Building Automation 

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