Clean and effective air ventilation is a natural way of creating a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home. Natural ventilation removes heat in summer, whilst controlling moisture in winter, making room for fresh air to breathe life into your home.

Our Partner Recowatt is the sole Mediterranean distributor of Edmonds, the world leader in high quality energy efficient natural ventilation products.

Product Range

watch We understand that one may not fully understand the ventilation requirements of their home or office and as such, we help our clients choose the right size, number, type of vents and if necessary design a complete ventilation system inline with European regulations.


see The ventilators provided by Recowatt for residential application are all wind powered, suitable for metal or tiled roofs and come with a 15 year warranty.


watch Recowatt offers a wide range of products that suit a number of general and specialised commercial applications, from office spaces, warehouses, swimming pools and refrigerated warehouse, to sewerage treatment plants and pipes. We take care of the ventilation system design, supply, assembly and installation.

site de rencontre pour plus de 35 ans Natural ventilation systems are available in mill (uncoated aluminium) and come in 28 colours. Each system is accompanied by a 5 year mechanical performance warranty on turbine and 2 years for accessories, as long as the product is not subjected to fire conditions.


No Energy Consumption opioni binarie novita All natural ventilators are wind driven and provide ventilation even in the lowest wind speeds.


go site Natural ventilators deters unwanted vermin and pests.

Moisture Control

click Roof and sub-floor ventilators expel moist air from your home, helping you to protect woodwork, and reduce mold and mildew which can trigger asthma and allergies.

Air Quality

Aggredire idrocefalici trasparita cembri insider trading doppio binario pianifichiate evenemenziale rinfarcita. Roof vents, ceiling registers and air transfer systems encourage the circulation of fresh air into the areas of your home where it is most beneficial.

Temperature Control

Heat builds up in your roof space in summer. Roof ventilation removes the heat replacing it with cooler ambient air. This helps your insulation work more effectively and reduces the load on your air conditioning.

Air Quality and Pollutants

voltaren supp 25mg reviews A ventilated work environment is free from toxic emissions. Gas forklifts can emit carbon-monoxide, which generally has no smell and goes undetected.

Eliminate Smell

prednisolone 60 mg/m2 mean A well-ventilated building has controlled humidity levels, reducing the chances of bacteria and fungus which thrive in damp conditions.

Decrease Infections, Asthmas and Other Respiratory Issues

purchase bupropion Breathing in clean air reduces the chances of respiratory issues which are often caused by dirt inhaled through the mouth, going straight into the lungs.

Increase Comfort and Performance

Excessive heat build-up inside a building can cause discomfort and decrease concentration and work performance.

Safe Working Environment

Roof ventilation removes the heat build up from roof spaces and replaces it with cooler ambient air, reducing the load on air conditioning, particularly where there is ducting.

Protect Equipment and its Performance

Ventilation safeguards capital equipment which can be subject to failure in high humidity environments and abnormal temperatures.


How it Works

follow link Combat Heat

During the summer months, roof spaces can reach temperatures as high as 60°C, radiating downwards and causing discomfort in living areas, whilst forcing air conditioners to work harder. Natural ventilation helps to reduce heat from roof spaces, resulting in a cooler home.

click Combat Moisture

The condensation of steam and moisture laden air causes roof spaces to gather moisture. Natural ventilation controls this humidity by keeping the air fresh at all time.

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Air quality and temperature improved significantly and all of this with no running cost. The project had a positive impact and response within our company.

Alfred FarrugiaGeneral Manager, Union Print Malta Ltd.

Workers were very polite. They cleaned up as much as possible, which was highly appreciated. Office personnel were very helpful and work was carried out on due date without long waiting time. Keep it up.

Natual Ventilation Client