A PV system allows you to generate your own electricity or benefit from Feed in Tariffs issued by the local Government, while contributing to reduce CO2 emissions. Photovoltaics is a technology that can be applied and adopted to make use of available roof space or any open space that is exposed to the sun.

Our Partner

http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=op%C3%A7oes-binarias-deposito-minimo&769=f0 Recowatt proudly enjoys an official partnership with Krannich, a German company that specialises in the distribution of solar panels and photovoltaic systems. Thanks to such partnership, we can supply any kind of system depending on the project or client’s demand.

Product Range

source url We supply a broad range of PV systems, including both monocrystalline and polycristalline solar panels in various output classes and produced by leading manufactures.

levitra bald billiger A PV System consists of three crucial parts.

Photovoltaic Modules

provera 10mg 2 times a day It is of paramount importance that the PV module is made to withstand the brutal elements and perform at its highest potential after a good number of years.

order serophene 50mg We recommend Axitec modules so that you can enjoy the following benefits:

nitrofurantoin 20mg wirkung enter Quality

Axitec selects optimum, high-quality construction components for every module type.
The individual module components of Axitec models are sealed into a waterproof, weather resistant unit using a temperature-pressure lamination process and then equipped with a reverse-polarity protected plug system. The solar cells are electrically connected. The number of cells used defines the different module sizes and performances.

autopzionibinarie come guadagnare spoldi da casa Power

The individual measurement records of the Axitec modules provides a guaranteed power output within a power tolerance of ± 3%. The high performance cells, with an average efficiency of 15%, also provide optimum performance under poor lighting conditions.

http://sat-rent.de/deribbebe/20506 Certified

The production and the modules are multiply certified DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, which guarantees the high quality and long-term energy utilisation of the Axitec modules. In accordance with Axitec CE commitment to quality, service and support, the products have been developed to not only pass, but in many cases surpass, the latest and most stringent international testing standards.

Axitec solar panels also conform to IEC 61215 and Safety Class II electrical and mechanical performance standards for long term outdoor operation. The quality and performance testing of every individual solar module guarantees a high-yield solar power system. The Rheinland regularly checks the accuracy of the measurements.

The Frame

Another important consideration when investing in a system is the structure or frame on which the PV modules will be resting upon.

We install the PV modules on German built aluminum structures that are specifically designed for longevity and to withstand the weather. The structures are made out of anodised aluminium that is resistant to rust and corrosion due to natural elements.

http://azortin.pl/?rtysa=opcje-binarne-bonus-bez-depozytu&d46=34 Inverter

The inverter converts the PV modules DC output into an AC output that will eventually be exported into the national grid. Cheap low quality inverter would render your entire PV System useless.

Therefore, we choose to only install SMA’s Sunny Boy inverters. SMA is a world-renowned German company with 20 years of experience in the development and fabrication of system technology for photovoltaic, wind energy and combined power generation plants.

SMA inverters distinguish themselves particularly by their high levels of efficiency, reliability and the ease with which they can be operated in parallel with other inverters.

SMA is certified to DIN ISO 9001:2000. In addition to this, SMA also has numerous product-specific certificates and its inverters conform to the electromagnetic tolerance regulations and the low voltage regulations of the relevant combined European norms, as confirmed in the CE conformity declaration.

Download TUV Certificate


follow The Recowatt team has been trained by SMA themselves in the design and installation of PV systems, with training of the personnel conducted at the SMA plant in Germany.


Secure Investment

The warranty structure ensures that the PV system is be fully covered during the term referred to as the payback period.

  • 10-12 years (twice the requested period) manufacturer warranty
  • 15-year manufacturer warranty on 90% of the nominal power
  • 25-year manufacturer warranty on 85% of the nominal power
Solid Structure

The soft-grip seam on the rear side of the anodised aluminium structure contributes to the excellent supporting and installation properties. The proven hollow frame construction gives the frame extra stability.

Easy Installation

For flexible installation, the junction box is constructed in such a way that it does not project above the module frame. The installed diodes are not cast in place and this makes them easy to replace at any time.


The frame of the module is such that the panel can be used in any type of atmospheric conditions, even corrosive and salty conditions like that of Malta. The frame is covered by up to 12-year warranty – no other panel has this type of warranty. The frame warranty is crucial because if the frame fails, the panel fails as well. The cabling and the footstep-solid and sealable plug system are also extremely robust and offer excellent weather resistance (TUV, IP67).


How it Works

PV Systems can be installed in two ways:
click On-Grid

An On-Grid setup means that the PV system is directly connected to the national electricity grid. There are also various options available on the market, which our technical personnel will suggest depending on the location where the system will be installed.

Such a system gives you a number of options. One could either sell all the electricity generated by the PV system to the electricity provider, or use the electricity generated by the PV system and sell off the excess electricity.

finanztest binäre optionen Off-Grid

An Off-Grid setup is a system where the PV System is not connected to the national electricity grid. This setup is useful to power remote locations or machinery in a field. In such cases, the electricity generated is used to charge heavy-duty batteries in order to provide electricity all throughout the day.

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Quality products at competitive prices, and that is why I purchased from Recowatt. Installation of the PV system and after sales service proved I made the right choice. I will surely recommend Recowatt in the future.

PV Client

Work was carried out according to schedule and on time, without the least disturbance to us. Thank you.

PV Client

Works were carried out on time. Keep up the excellent service you provide. Will definitely recommend you.

Mr. Victor Cremona.PV Client

http://www.romagnamotorsport.it/?binarnewe=iq-option-si-guadagna&f2b=cc  On the whole I am very satisfied with all the work carried out. Attention has been given to every detail during the execution of works.

Mr. Victor CremonaPV Client

Good service and professionalism shown by the company personnel both from the sales person who was highly co-operative and very professional together with installers.

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