Solar UV Film

Window Film – Solar UV

Reduce the heat and UV and keep the natural light while reducing your energy bills!


  • Filters UV Rays which reduces fading.
  • Prevent dis-colouration of fabrics, furniture and flooring.
  • Increase skin and eye protection from dangerous UV rays.
  • Saves on air-condition bills as it reduces heat and glare by cutting out a portion of the sun’s heat during summer,and keeping in some heat during winter.
    This saves on heating or cooling bills as well as improves comfort and productivity.
  • Creates privacy by allowing occupants to see out clearly while making it difficult for others to look in during daytime.
  • Improves security and safety of glass.

Window/Glass Solar Film is a product that has a direct and immediate contribution to energy performance in whatever application it is used. It instantly improves energy characteristics of glass, assists in aesthetical improvement and visual comfort for the building.

This product is intended to assist Architects, Interior Designers and Building Services Engineers to reach energy performance specifications without compromising use of glass in buildings.

We offer solutions for any glass related issues.


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