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Natural Lighting – Solatube

Light up poorly lit spaces directly from the sun with one of our Solatube | Natural Lighting

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A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that:

  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture
  • Provides consistent daylighting throughout the day
  • Rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight

Tubing made of the world’s most reflective material that:

  • Delivers 99.7%* specular reflectivity for maximum sunlight transfer
  • Provides the purest light color rendition possible so colors are truer, brighter.
  • Allows for run lengths over 30 feet to deliver sunlight to lower floors

Form and function combine for optimal daylight diffusion with:

  • Solatube Decorative Fixtures
  • Warming and softening Effect Lenses
  • Ventilation, dimmer and nighttime lighting options

    * Specular reflectance greater than 99% with wavelength specific reflectance up to 99.7% for the visible spectrum

Solatube® is a product that has a direct and immediate effect in badly lit spaces where natural light cannot reach or is limited. It instantly improves light levels and visual comfort of the whole interior space.


This product is intended to assist Architects, Interior Designers and Light Designers to reach adequate light levels in spaces with limited amount of apertures, basement rooms and industrial facilities.

We offer solutions for any light OR SOLATUBE related issues.



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