Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Wind turbine natural and hybrid ventilation!


Effective ventilation is an important way to create a more
comfortable, healthier and energy efficient home. Removing
the heat in summer, managing condensation, and
encouraging fresh air into your home will create a better living environment for your family.

Heat Reduction

Heat builds up in your roof space in summer, at times reaching 70°C. Roof ventilation removes the heat replacing it with cooler ambient air. This helps your insulation work more effectively and reduces the load on your air conditioning.

Air Quality

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air, but many homes
aren’t designed to allow fresh air to circulate easily. Our roof and sub floor vents, ceiling grilles, and air transfer systems
help to encourage fresh air into areas of your home where it’s
most beneficial.

Protect your home

Continuous ventilation of the roof space helps prevent the formation of excess condensation that could damage roof timbers and plasterboard

Protect your family

By removing hot stale air from your roof space in summer you effectively reduce temperatures inside your home. This creates a fresher, healthier environment for your family to enjoy and by reducing the load on your air conditioning you reduce the cost of running it for long periods

This product is intended to assist Architects, Interior Designers and Building Services Engineers to reach adequate levels of ventilation in spaces with limited amount of apertures, basement rooms and industrial facilities.

We offer solutions for any ventilation related issues.



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