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Security Film

Window Film – Security

Our Security Film is ideal for jewellery stores, banks, cash points and any places needing an extra layer of protection!



Window Security Film is a product that can significantly improve the strength of any ordinary piece of glass. Capable of providing a higher grade of security, it also assists in safety improvement by its shatter proof qualities.

This product is intended to assist Architects, Interior Designers and Building Services Engineers to achieve safety and security standards without compromising use of glass in buildings.

Security glass film can be certified in accordance with the European Standard EN 12600 from a minimum thickness of 2mm in different classes 1B1 / 2B2 / 3B3 and category P3A in accordance with the standard EN 356.

We offer solutions for any glass related issues.


FilmTE%AE%RE%TER%TL%RL%U.V. Rej.C.S.Film ThicknessStandard
EN 12600
EN 356
ISO 16933
CL 400 PS SR8471414909990.984Mil2B2n.d.n.d.
CL 700 PS SR83815158810990.977Mil1B1n.d.n.d.
CL 400 E PS SR8471414909990.984Mil2B2n.d.n.d.
CL 700 E PS SR83815158810990.977Mil1B1n.d.n.d.
LCL 800 PS SR831015158810990.978Mil1B1n.d.n.d.
LCL 1400 PS SR82815158810990.9714Mil1B1n.d.n.d.
Safety Shield 80083815158810990.978Mil1B1n.d.EXV 33C
Safety Shield 150082815158810990.9715Mil1B1P3AEXV 33C

TE = Solar Energy Transmitted TL = Visible Light Transmitted U.V.Rej. = U.V. Rejected
RE = Solar Energy Reflected AE = Solar Energy Absorbed

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